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Kentucky Recreation Guide

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Welcome to the Kentucky Recreation Resource Guide. The purpose of this guide is to increase awareness of recreation opportunities for individuals of all abilities across Kentucky. Recreation refreshes, revitalizes, and improves quality of life. It is different things to different people, and while what you want to do for recreation may be very different from someone else’s idea of fun, you can be creative when searching for recreation resources in your community. The resources included in this guide should serve as a starting point for accessing recreation opportunities, as this is not an exhaustive list. On the following pages, we have listed recreation resources around Kentucky as well as general resources that serve people across the nation. New opportunities are surfacing on a regular basis. As these resources evolve and grow over time, we will update this manual. Do not limit your ideas of recreation by what you find here. The possibilities are endless, so get out and recreate! Last updated October 2019.

If you would like to add a resource to this guide or make edits to an existing resource please fill out the survey linked here.